The power of sharing our stories.


It’s been an incredible week over here at Truth She Carries. We have been watching the numbers come in and thinking about each woman that presses play on our video. I wonder about their story. Have they experienced loss themselves? Are they learning more to support a friend or loved one through it? Have they just been told their pregnancy might not be viable? It’s just incredible how God has taken this idea, brought me together with several other women (most of whom I had never even met before), and is now using this video to minister to women around the world (so far it has been viewed in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Mexico and Bulgaria!!!)

On Monday, I was reflecting on all of the beautiful things I had seen and read so far stemming from this project, and I wrote this on the TSC Facebook Page:

I hoped our video of The Isaiah Project would help other women feel less alone in their grief, which I hope it is. Something I didn’t anticipate though, but have already seen happening, is countless women who watch it are finding their own voice and gaining the courage to open up and share their own stories. That has been one of the most beautiful things I have seen coming out of this all so far. Important conversations have started. And so many babies are being honored, remembered, and celebrated!

The very next day a post came up on my news feed by my friend Courtney, who I didn’t even realize had experienced a pregnancy loss of her own. I read the post and immediately my heart went out to her. I have been there, too. So many of us women have. And as I scrolled down, I was so amazed to see 43 beautiful, heartfelt, and supportive comments. Some were telling her how sorry they were. Some were thanking her for sharing her story. And some were women speaking up and telling their own stories. I was so touched by the whole thread! I kept thinking about it and finally asked her if I could share her original post.

She shared our video and wrote:

Patrick and I were surprised (and a little terrified) when we found out we were pregnant with our third. Once it all sunk in we were expectant and had picked out names. Sadly, I miscarried over Mother’s Day weekend. The whole thing was a surreal experience. The OB I went to was very matter of fact. He didn’t offer any condolences until later in a phone call that he immediately followed up with the offer of pharmaceuticals if I got depressed. Thankfully I had the support of amazing women who walked me through the process. It is a very lonely loss, and I am grateful to those who have spoken up. I struggled with whether or not to share, but I believe all life is worth celebrating and acknowledging.

I am so proud of her for the conversation that she started. I am so proud of all of us for being part of the movement that is raising awareness, helping women feel less alone, and freeing all of us from the boundaries of our silence. Keep sharing, ladies! It really is making a difference.

With love,


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