IMG_9222-EditIf you’re wondering why this fairly ordinary, albeit a bit controlling, anxious, introverted, caffeine-addicted, college drop out has her own website…don’t worry. I’m still wondering that too! I promise to let you know if I figure it out. 😉 In the meantime, all I can tell you is I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and I really do try to allow my relationship with my heavenly Father guide my actions in life.

This site is no different. The truth is I felt his calling on my life in the middle of the night and I answered! Unknowingly. Fearfully. Excitedly. Gratefully. I’m grateful to channel some of the pain I’ve experienced in my life into something that could help others. I hope I’ve listened well. I hope I’m serving him well. And I hope this site allows his love and light shine  into your life, even if just for a few moments!

Besides all of that, I’m also wife to Rich, a super talented photographer. Tween momma to our two amazing, homeschooled daughters, and nursing/baby-wearing momma to our sweet baby boy. Yes, I have my hands full. And no, I don’t do it well all time. But I try to remember I’m a daughter of the King and thankfully, he has new mercies for me every day!

It is my heart’s desire that you find community here. That you feel a little less alone in whatever trials are present in your life, and that you find help and healing along the way. ❤

With love,
Heather Becker