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Welcome to Truth She Carries!

Twelve years ago, I found out I had miscarried our first baby. It was an incredibly painful time in my life and nobody in my inner circle had ever experienced the loss of a pregnancy, which meant they just couldn’t relate to what I was going through. I felt misunderstood. I felt ashamed and almost embarrassed for grieving a baby that nobody had seen or held. I felt expected to get over the loss and get back to daily life far sooner than I was ready to. I felt so incredibly alone. Even my husband was processing it in a completely different way. I longed to share my heart with someone. To talk about exactly how hard it was and how much I missed my baby. How empty and lost I felt without that little life still growing inside of me.

I longed to be heard, validated, and understood. And since I didn’t feel like I was able to be any of those things, I kept my pain silent and hidden away, deep in my heart…for years. Since that first loss (I went on to experience two more miscarriages), I have met and spoken to many other women who were carrying around some pretty big burdens too. The loss of a pregnancy. The loss of a child. The loss of a spouse or a parent. The loss of their health. The loss of stable income. The loss of a marriage. Most of these women were carrying their burdens around in silence too. For fear of being too vulnerable, too open, too transparent.

Grief is an incredibly personal thing. Everyone experiences it differently. There is no time line. No expiration date. No single way to work through it or begin to heal. What I found when talking with these women was that simply sharing their story was a huge step in the grieving process. Simply having a place to go and speak openly and freely, without the fear of being judged (even though it is so scary!) helped their hearts to heal…even if ever so slightly. We all need a place to go to bear our hearts and know we will be heard.

That’s when the idea for this website (and my first photography awareness project, The Isaiah Project) was born. We hope to do many more in the future! But for now, I invite you to watch that slideshow, read the words, and hear the truth these women are carrying around. When we feel brave enough to share our stories, God can use them in big ways. He can use them to bring beauty from the ashes.

With love,